Algorithm Description

StormTrack is an algorithm for the detection and the tracking of thunderstorms based on the Meteosat Second Generation images. The algorithm has been developed along with GEO-K.
It works in near real time, because there is a delay between the satellite observation and the data availability (about 15 minutes). The algorithm has been presented at the Eumetsat Conference 2014 and its validation at the Eumetsat Conference 2015.
Some RESTful services, based on the algorithm, have been developed. The services are experimental and free of charge, but they are not ready for operational purposes. The APIs return the storms in GeoJSON format which is very easy to integrate in several ways (see Leaflet or Mapbox).
The following map is an example:


The shapes represent the detected objects. The color of each object is related to its severity: Low, Medium, High
Forecasted objects are 15 Minutes ahead forecast and 30 Minutes ahead forecast.
The shapes inside the others represent the most dangerous areas. The arrows represent the objects trajectories.
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